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Pof of Gold PublicationsPot of gold publications is the imprint for published work by Mona Kristensen: a Danish author writing literary fiction or conscious storytelling in English.

New release!

New poetry pocketbook (4,25 x 7) titled: “As Night Fades into Light: Poetic Ponderings”. A collection of 40+ poems & affirmations that arose out of a Dark Night of the Soul and the ensuing arrival on the shores of new, deepened awareness. It has a few added blank pages throughout, inviting the reader to note down their own reflections. Paperback + e-book out in September 2022.

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Exciting news: “Who’s Maria again?” released as paperback and e-book!

It is the sequel in what is now a book series titled “Becoming Maria”: all about the wobbly and winding life journey of a sensitive and jittery girl from the small island, Matter Island.

This tenderly woven, conscious coming-of-age tale is available for purchase at multiple online e-book storefronts:

The cover design reflects the maturation of the young protagonist with an artistically altered photo this time around but still light colors on a white background.

The first in the series: Mona’s heartwarming debut novel, is also available at multiple storefronts:

In this timeless tale told in a childlike and tender tone, we meet little sensitive and spirited Maria. Join the jittery and daydreaming, but nonetheless resourceful heroine as she deals with soul-loss, anxiety, bullying and discovers what it takes to break limiting familial patterns. A poetic parable with a heartfelt message of the value in expressing your emotions, listen to your intuition and honor yourself!


“What’s the Matter with Maria?” won the title Book of the Month in February 2020 (the theme being Love) at MagicBeans Bookstore, a lovely, independent online children’s bookstore that supports young readers’ literacy and donates books to underprivileged children while supporting indie authors.


“Readers who have ever felt separate from the fast-paced outside world will find a kindred spirit in Maria.

Though the primary focus of this story is on a child emerging into adolescence, the target audience is actually older than that. Written in a poetic style, time shifts from moving quite quickly to lingering over specific, life-affecting moments. There is an important revelatory component at the end that makes everything else fall into place.

This is an encouraging tale for introverted souls who have struggled to appreciate the voice inside themselves.”

  • Mary R. Lanni, Librarian, Educator and Book Reviewer

Collection of illustrations from “What’s the Matter with Maria?”
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