To end your inner “battle” and let everything fall into place

This is an ongoing healing-process, and not yet a permanent state of being – but I am getting there!

To have an inner battle; that sounds rather dramatic, doesn’t it? None the less, I am pretty sure many of us sensitive people with some awareness about our psychological “make-up” – our specific psychological traits and emotional patterns – know exactly what that means.

For me, the main struggle was being this insecure and self-doubting highly sensitive empath (with pleaser-tendencies) AND at the same time an extremely freedom-loving, independent and deep thinking/reflective introvert – the inner frictions to try to fit the inner and outer “worlds” together has sometimes been almost unbearable and has taken a looong time as well as an immense amount of energy. No wonder there were many crisis and increasing fatigue-symptoms along the way!

What I have found is that it naturally takes time, awareness and in some cases professional help, to heal emotional wounds, discover + question old limiting or hurtful beliefs and to release them + replace them with an “inner support-system” . Having patience and self-love is key and perhaps most important; trust in your psyche (or Higher Self/Spirit if you are spiritually inclined like me) to know the best way and the perfect timing for it all to unfold for and within you.

 So a little reassurance to all of you who are still struggling to make all your “pieces” work together (as they originally were meant to) and not against each other – To finally become the beautiful and unique masterpiece that you were really meant to be:  Just know that you CAN TRUST your psyche/soul to lead the way, one step at a time (when you are ready) – and that you WILL eventually get to a point of inner and outer alignment with yourself and the world = inner peace and a sense of being finally whole and fully your true, authentic Self. It feels wonderfully freeing, vitalizing and is certainly a cause for celebration!
I made this “Creed” about it:

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