The importance of positive and precise mirrors

 I’ve been a keen reader from early childhood, even been a bit ridiculed for it from time to time..but I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today, self-acceptance wise – without a lot of “teachers, therapists and friends” in form of important books from different authors: Elaine N. Aron with her book “the Highly Sensitive Person” of course being a major revelation!

There was a search going on for a positive reframing of my most authentic and sensitive core self. I was not fully aware that this search was going on though; not until my late twenties.

Finding these important “mirrors” has been a most precious gift. In a precise and clear way they reflected unnoticed, ignored, unappreciated or scorned traits or feelings back to me and made me see them in a new and more positive light. Slow but steady I integrated more supportive, loving and wise words and viewpoints into my own vocabulary, terminology and way of thinking – replacing or repairing my former perception and understanding of myself.

A sure sign of poignant words hitting a core wound always was (and is): when tears start flowing…
Creating an inner “support team” this way has been of immense value to me. I can’t begin to describe how helpful it has been to discover just the right book or sometimes a piece of music at the right time – perfectly suited words and voices that made you feel like your not so valued traits or the way you experience the world, were in fact understood, shared by and validated by someone else in the world.  
 I personally believe that many maladies stems from when certain traits or energies are repressed and goes “underground” into the shadow of your psyche, where it potentially creates disturbances or even disease – when these should initially simply have been seen, accepted or preferably embraced and loved as important, necessary parts in order for you to be a healthy, balanced human being; simply being whole
We need “mirrors” outside ourselves in order to see ourselves completely and precisely. Without them, we are in danger of being stunted in the growth of our psyche. Luckily Life itself seems to generously offer us what we need along the way if we are open for it; at least this has been my experience so far.

-This is, in my opinion, the main benefit of all types of (artistic) expressions: we serve as reflections for each other. And in doing so reveal a deep interconnectedness and kinship with a lot more people than we thought..

Like the superb and unique Danish band Mew which dreamlike songs often has spoken directly to the lost/sad “inner child” in me and probably many others. This is their beautiful masterpiece: “Comforting sounds”:

Nothing like music creates recognition of certain moods or awaken memories of specific feelings and emotional states of best music has the ability to reach the deepest, darkest parts of you in a very healing way.

I really couldn’t live without it!



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