Tending my tired body

October has arrived and with it the first real sense of fall.
Don’t know where summer went this year, it seemed to rush by in the flicker of an eye.
I’ve started working again: though only on a try-out basis and in the beginning just a few hours a week at this lovely independent/free-school 4 miles from where I live. It was my own suggestion, so I’m pretty pleased about that😊
Very sweet people who do a lot of cool creative projects with the kids there.
But unfortunately, there is insufficient public transportation around here and the bike ride is almost “killing” me! Oh, how I miss having a car right now..
I’ve felt so terribly tired over the weekend and still am. Drained of all energy again and my right shoulder is aching badly, too.
And I even had plans on going to my first concert at Musikkens Hus (House of Music) in Aalborg tomorrow. Had bought a ticket and everything. But since it’s the same day as my new job I simply haven’t the energy for it all including bike ride + long bus trip + walking around Aalborg.
I can’t help but wonder and worry if I’ll ever come close to getting my former energy level back or if I simply have to get used to this dreadful fatigue 😢
Guess it’s back to listening closely to and tending my tired body with the best nurture and nourishment.
Sunday the sun came out after several rainy and windy autumn days (which are now back again). I soaked it up like a cat in a sunny spot on the meadow, drinking a cup of hot tea.
Picked what is probably the last wildflowers this year.


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