Simply sharing – not comparing

I thought I would touch upon a tendency, that my mind (and I think a lot of peoples mind in the western world) are prone to in this day and age: comparing myself with others before doing almost anything. Anything that will be seen and potentially judged by other people that is, and this constant comparing tendency is potentially very self-limiting.
 The western worlds mindset with its goal-orientation, competing, comparing and constant rating everything and everyone around us, can be particularly damaging for sensitive types; we really would rather just connect and not make others into competitors/opponents all the time. Still it is a big part of our conditioning and I sometimes get so tired of it – it steals so much joy and spontaneity.

It’s just that the highly sensitive/introvert kinds typically get discouraged quite easy. We often notice the smallest signs that tell, when our expressions are not being received as we needed or had hoped for. I can assure you, that I know all about being easily discouraged; the most vulnerable and insecure parts of me are unfortunately willing to give up at the slightest external resistance, lack of interest or sign of ridicule. Well, at least that’s the way it has been until recently.

In addition to external obstacles, sensitive types usually have many inner obstacles as well. Actually; often the external voices will mirror your own inner doubts and insecurities. I have found it very helpful, to examine the inner critical/comparing voices and deal with it from the inside first. This will probably be a life-long task; so be very patient and loving with yourself (in my experience; gentle love and patience is the foundation for all kinds of growth, by the way).

Besides this, I have certain “strategies” I use to keep the most harmful self-sabotaging thought-patterns at bay. For example: I generally over think and ruminate things for to long – so I now realize that for me, preparation is okay (basic preparations; to much leads to overwhelm), but to keep it very simple and allow myself to take baby steps, change my mind whenever I need to, be okay with perhaps making mistakes and not having any expectations about the outcome is much more helpful. This approach works better for me – it lowers the internal pressure significantly.

-The reward is a growing sense of peace, feeling more grounded, no longer being at odds with myself and becoming not so easily shaken.

We sensitive/introverted people really have a lot of gifts to share; some gentleness, depth and awareness/wisdom that I believe the world actually needs – so I am going to do my best to stop comparing myself and simply share what is in my heart, to whoever might find it useful.

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