On this page, I’m going to put links to books, articles, etc. that have been helpful for me on my healing journey.

Dr. Elaine N. Aron’s “The Highly Sensitive Person” – Already a classic and must-read as a highly sensitive! Another great book of hers is “The Undervalued Self”. Her website: https://hsperson.com/

Jacob Nordby “Blessed are the Weird”. A very inspiring read for Sensitive Intuitives, INFP/J’s and creative folks in general – his website: https://www.jacobnordby.com/books

Julia Cameron “The Artist’s Way.”. Probably the first book I read on creativity, a reassuring and validating read – her website: https://juliacameronlive.com/

Pete Walker “Complex-ptsd” maybe not relevant for everybody, but I think unprocessed trauma (to some degree), is more common than people realize and the deeper cause behind a lot of mental disorders, emotional anguish and physical ailment. His website: https://pete-walker.com

Lauren Sapala’s website and blog writer’s coach for INFP/J types with several helpful books out and she writes great blog posts for Empaths and Sensitive Intuitive. Her website: http://laurensapala.com/about/

Bethany Webster: I was so fortunate to win a scholarship to her amazing course in 2018. She also has lots of insightful articles and a free e-book about healing the “mother wound” on her site (it’s not about blaming your mother but about getting to the root of what many women struggle with). Her website: https://bethanywebster.com/

Judith Blackstone “Belonging Here”. A helpful read for the spiritually inclined who sometimes find it hard to feel comfortable in their own skin, calm and grounded. With many refined exercises in inhabiting one’s body. Her website: https://realizationprocess.org/