Quiet days

Alas, winter is near and we’ll just have to come to terms with it.

To me, this summer didn’t even feel like summer at all, because of my health issues ­čÖü
Now I try to get outside and get some fresh air and sunlight, often. Going for walks in nearby landscapes with woods, beaches and of course the Northsea (how I miss having my old dog by my side…sniffles).
I am almost always picking some wildflowers or finding something else; like fruits and berries – or pretty stones and shells.

┬áPicked some of the last rosehip roses the other day – just love that scent; it encapsulates the essence of┬ásummer to me. And picked blackberries, too. Had to go into thorny brambles to get to it:)


I am sort of – kind of – perhaps – we’ll see…writing a sentimental children’s story/book(?). Very, very slowly and little by little. The act of writing is becoming increasingly necessary for my wellbeing.


Spent some days in the family summerhouse last week. Soaking up the last warm, sunny days of this year (it seems) Brrr…. it’s terribly cold and windy outside now!

Blue skies..


New poem “All I ever wanted”



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