Autumn activities

I’ve been preparing for colder weather to arrive, these last weeks; filled up a storage room with lots of wood briquettes for the stove. Feels good to know I have enough in the house to keep the fire burning and me warm throughout winter. Officially ready for winter!
Eating a LOT and actually gaining a little weight – which is only good and healthy for me. Still going for walks, often. Found a Sea Buckthorn bush. Tried to pick and put some in my freezer; they are supposed to be very, very healthy, but quite impossible to pluck from their thorny branches (ouch!) without the berries just splattering out..
Here’s a couple of photos from a nice, sun-filled walk in the woods, last week – a few days before turning back the clock and entering wintertime here in the northern hemisphere. They are captured at a lovely path along a ridge with a stunning view over large woods and the North Sea. And apparently, some artists had put several red wooden hearts up on trees along the path, with different sweet and motivational messages or figures on them.
It made me smile and so I took a photo of one of them. This one is a happy couple I’m sure, and I see them as either greeting each other warmly or perhaps they are dancing with joy:)




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