Letting go of labels

I know I´ve talked a lot about the benefits of precise mirroring; finding precise wordings, terms or labels to define yourself by. How helpful and relieving the right ones are when it comes to understanding and accepting yourself fully. But lately, it suddenly feels more confining than liberating, this long list of labels I’ve put upon myself by now. I need to re-define or better yet; undefine myself again: To let go of all labels and simply be me! 

The terms and labels I’ve discovered over the last 10-15 years include a diverse mixture of psychological and spiritual ones. Some a little more obscure than others, but here are some of the most important ones for my part:
Introvert, highly sensitive person (HSP), INFP, empath, avoidant personality, polymath, “lightworker” etc..+ a couple medical ones, too.
-those labels were all pieces to the puzzle; attempts at gathering the complete and whole picture and I do want to recognize their beneficial effect on my sense of self-accept/worth, so far.
(putting yourself into more and more subtle categories, is also right up an HSP minds alley, by the way;o) )

Perhaps our minds try to create a sort of finely detailed map of ourselves and the world to navigate by; perhaps it is trying to get a sense of safety in life, through understanding and naming things..? 
– it probably has something to do with (an illusion of) control, I think. Oh, how lovely it must be to just trust life and live carefree in the mystery of it all..
It might be the absolutely most fitting label, but it’s none the less still a very narrow or simplistic confinement of our big, beautiful and multifaceted Soul – any label is.

At this point in life, being in my forties: I know myself well enough and more than anything I just want to express myself freely in any way that comes naturally. So, I’m gonna assign myself these three labels only:

sensitive, reflective & expressive
Those are perfectly sufficient!
Playing around with sun rays as backlighting:)

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