Follow intuition or external advice?

Intuition and emotions have been guiding me all of my life. Even if I have sometimes tried to hide it behind rational reasoning because that somehow sounded more mature or respectable. But I am an INFP type to a T – cannot change it and will no longer attempt to even if I’ve often wished I was one of the logical and practical sorts who seem to get by a little easier in the world (better at making money, too..). I’ve realized that I am the one who, first and foremost, has to value and appreciate my particular traits, skills and gifts and finally feel like I do that by now.

One downside, though, is how scatter-minded and easily overwhelmed I get – especially after CFS came along. My mind jumps fast from one thing to the next and then becomes hazy and I lose track of where I was going. It keeps coming up with ideas for tweaking or adding to my book and probably will continue to do so even after it is published. Wondering if it’ll stop at one point or it is simply what writing a novel does to you?!

Just in deciding the layout, text, fonts etc for the cover design (front + back), there’s a lot to ponder. I have downloaded different fonts (crazy how many there are to choose between!) and am also watching youtube videos from more or less experienced laymen or experts on how to do almost everything yourself and make your book look professional in order to sell well etc. The best videos though are those where the writer unpacks the first tangible copy of their book – it must feel so amazing to see and touch your creation in physical form for the first time!

While I am forever grateful for all the free advice (especially on technical details…) one can find out there on the vast and generous, but also increasingly befuddling and bewildering internet; I realize how easy it would be to completely lose track of my own unique ideas and natural inclinations. When it comes down to it, I would rather the book has a few human flaws and quirks (like myself:o)) than have it look totally shiny, signaling perfection and slick professionalism. Besides the fact that in such a case, it would, in fact, contradict the whole message of the story..

I guess like so often in life, it is all about balance; be open to advice from others who have already done some trial and errors and with gratitude let them help you avoid the worst mistakes, but always listen mostly to your own wisest inner voice in the end. Let your intuitive guidance have the final say.

The illustration I made for the cover is childlike like the narration of the novel because more than anything it is about healing the Wonderchild within or the authentic self. I think it is suitable from age 10 and up but really hope adults will find the story relatable and maybe feel touched by it, too (how come there’s no age demographic/category on Amazon called: “Inner child in adults”? :o))

I made a last-minute illustration for the novel today, inspired by how nature is a bit confused at the moment after some warm days in October – recently I came across a hawthorn bush in bloom!







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