Finding my way as a debuting author

So, a couple of months has gone by and I’ve taken new initiatives to help my book find its readers. Being an indie author is quite different from anything I’ve ever tried before and even if there are countless advice online on how-to, it’s almost too much and one must use clear discernment when sorting through it all. As always, I use my intuition and besides, this time choose to have a relaxed approach: it’s okay if I make mistakes – it’s okay if something doesn’t work or needs several attempts. There is a learning curve and I’m a newbie in this:)

One of the good things happening is that I’ve joined SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators) and currently am a part of their BOOKSTOP campaign where hundreds of traditional and self-published illustrators and authors showcase their books on each their own page online from Oct 8th-Nov 25th. It’s a great way to discover new favorite books and authors!

Here are links to the campaign:

My page:

Also, I’ve just started using IngramSpark/Lighteningsource as my print-on-demand service. It turned out the printing cost could be cut in half by using them, instead of KDP. The new paperback still has lovely color illustrations but it’s printed on thinner paper, making the book slimmer and lighter: actually it makes it better suited for smaller hands, as well. You can still get the paperback version on Amazon since the two collaborate, but the print book is now less than half the price!

Keeping my fingers crossed that my novel will catch the eyes of some bookstores through IngramSpark.

Danish “hygge” in front of the fire, revising the new, less pricey and perfect-sized paperback.
While waiting for the genuine ones to bloom again, I’ll rest my, these days a little confused, head on this pillowcase with wildflowers:)

Pansy brightening my window sill. In Denmark, it is called a “stedmoderblomst” (stepmother flower).

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