Dreaming of a wild & poetic sanctuary

I have a vision of living in this beautiful, wild, and idyllic spot in nature; somewhere completely peaceful and with no neighbors in sight. Instead, there are serene evergreen pine and spruce trees behind a small wooden house and in front of it a natural, wild plot with heather and wild roses; perhaps a couple of fruit trees. Then comes a wonderful view over a fragrant and lush meadow with an abundance of wildflowers and in the horizon, you catch a glimpse of glimmering water. 
 The life and energy emanating from nature in all its beauty slowly but steadily seeps in and replenishes my body’s energy resources. Re-ignites my lifeforce and zest for life once again!
This place is a treasured vision I keep in my mind; I know pretty accurately how the house is going to look: it is small (not to much maintenance), very cozy, friendly and light and have lots of sunlight coming through big windows – even some windows in the ceiling, wooden pine floors, a woodstove, lots of cozy places in and around the house so you can always find a spot to sit in the sun:) 

Most of all I know how it feels to live there:

In this place, I feel totally safe, totally free and in a state of peaceful bliss and I just follow the days and seasons natural rhythms as well as my body and soul’s organic flow. No time clocks, no stress and no pressure from external “forces”. 

 I live a very simple daily life and fill my days with creative projects and all kinds of artistic expressions: writing, painting, singing etc. when I feel inspired to do so or I perhaps have an interesting and fulfilling assignment. This is how I earn a living. I luckily don’t need to have a big income, since my living costs are purposely set very low. 
 There is a big city not too far away and I get to have the best of both worlds: quiet and contemplative country life and enjoying the city’s many possibilities.

I have my sweet dog companion(s) by me side always – my dear Beloved who is also a sensitive soul visits me often; he is artistic and musically inclined as well. And I sometimes join together with family or lovely, like-minded friends to talk, have fun or immerse ourselves in exciting co-creative projects!
My sensitive soul finally thrives to its fullest and there is a sense of loving presence and gratefulness in me like never before. I live a natural and poetic life with all my senses open to the beauty of life. Oh….this is exactly how I dream of living and by now; almost feel that I need to live!

Perhaps my vision is simply an attempt to capture a sort of heavenly state of being..?
Anyways; while I figure out exactly how to bring this personal idea of heaven, down to earth… I am lucky to be able to go visit a small forest by the fjord nearby where I live now; going for walks (the other day I found a lot of Lilies of the Valley with the most delicate scent:)) and have cozy picnics in a lovely meadow, too.
It is SO important to remember all you already have to be grateful for, while you carefully and persistently attempt to create something even closer to your Heart:)


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