Christmas already?

Oh, my – how time flies..
2017 has flown by in the blink of an eye, and I haven’t been posting on this blog as often as intended.
Instead, I’ve been writing, editing, adjusting and drawing illustrations for my book = other means of expression:)
Just submitted my book to Hay House’s (publishing house) contest for participants of their online writer’s workshop course: 1. prize is a publishing contract 2. and 3. prizes are different self-publishing packages from Balboa press. It is a great opportunity!
Keeping my fingers crossed, even if I realize that tone and overall message of my book might fall slightly outside the usual winning parameters. And what’s more; I have no list of Email-addresses, no big following or marketing plan whatsoever.
Admittedly; the interest in or ability to create these things are not big assets of mine…;)
But; I’m sure I’ll be able to learn the basics or else delegate certain tasks in case of being one of the lucky ones.
Anyway; I feel like I’ve finally found my true purpose and that’s an amazing feeling and the biggest win, really. Now it’s time for a couple of relaxed Christmas days in the summer house.
Wishing everyone who might read this; Happy Holidays!!



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