Challenge to Self

I think it’s time to give my self a little challenge.
The last couple of months my thoughts have been going off track on a downward spiral towards the negative side. It’s hard to keep the faith sometimes, especially when something you wholeheartedly wished for, don’t seem to work out the way you hoped. Certain desires are hard to let go of.
There’s an emptiness inside at the moment from not knowing what my future is going to look like or more importantly: be and feel like. At worst not even being sure if there is anything good to look forward to. Basically; a struggle to remain optimistic.
But I’ve about had it with those old, stubborn “poor me” thought patterns. I simply have to turn it around: from a sad song in a repetitious rut to a new song of praise!
I know I have it in me😄
Previously, I wrote lists of gratitude and blessings pretty often. That beneficial habit has been taking a downfall lately, too. Oops. Instead, my new beneficial task will be to write short Odes or “Poems of praise” about something I love, like, care for or enjoy. Doing so on a regular basis; ideally several times a week. And it can be about anything really – grand or tiny.
This challenge is to remind myself of all the (simple) things there is to love in life. The many things I still have the possibility and pleasure of experiencing in my life.
No putting on fake rose colored glasses or sugarcoating anything, though!
I have to actually mean it..
Here’s the first one


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