A warm welcome!

My name is Mona Kristensen and I am an artist/author living in the northern part of Denmark, in a sweet spot where mild meadows entwine with green fields.. Here, I find inspiration for writing poetry/prose or drawing illustrations. I am sensitive, introverted and intuitive with a passion for depth psychology and Jungian dream-analysis, besides a love of (wild)flowers and nature, dark chocolate and dogs in every shape and size. I enjoy indie music and movies as well as easy mornings, watching the sun rise over the treetops whilst sipping green jasmine tea.

I treasure the simple sweetness and mystery of life; the subtle, subjective and metaphorical ways in which our souls speak to us. I also have a deep love for the inner “Wonderchild”: a sensitive, imaginative, expressive, carefree and creative part of us that sadly too often ends up wounded, repressed or inhibited. Through my writing, I hope to mend, at least a little bit of this unfortunate damage.

VISIT MY WEBSITE AT: www.monakristensen.com